Puerto Vallarta - August 2014

I finally was able to go to a different place other than my beloved Hawaii and that is, Puerto Vallarta.  My family and I stayed here on the week of August 9th, 2014.  It was raining, humid, yet beautiful.  A true beauty of its own.  We stayed at Casa Magna Marriott Resort & Spa.  People say it is dangerous in Mexico but we did not feel in danger.  Don't believe everything you see on the news.  Just like any traveler would do if not familiar with a place, you should always be cautious of your belongings :). 
My photographs start of with the surrounding area of our hotel where we walked to the marina.
Walking around the marina, there's plenty of restaurants catered to American tourists.  Here, you won't need to speak Spanish as they understand and speak in English back to you.  
We took a day trip outside of our hotel with Vallarta Adventures!  It was an expensive tour to see three towns by bus so be prepared.  Our tour guide inside the bus was awesome.   First, we went to see a tequila distillery of Don Lalin in San Sebastian.  They call him "Don Lalo or Lalu".  He was entertaining with his tequilas - tasted pretty good and we bought some.  Next, we went to San Sebastian Del Oeste.  We walked through the historic town where we stopped and visited La Quinta Mary Coffee Shop!  To this day, I still have some left and I love the coffee!  Muchas gracias!  After all the walking through the magnificent town, Real De San Sebastian Hotel served us authentic Mexican lunch!  Muy delicioso!
As you see, I've taken a photo diary of my short week vacation.  It is a great place to get away and still close to California.  I truly enjoyed Puerto Vallarta!  Feel free to buy any of the images you like for personal use.  All of my images were taken using my Canon S90.

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